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Desk Sharing

Save office costs with a smart Shared Desk policy

Optimize your workspace and bring your coworkers back together with an easy-to-use Desk Sharing Software.

Discover PULT Desks
Get the most out of your workspace with our hybrid workplace planner.

Workplace Planner

Know who is
working from where

Avoid chaos in a hybrid workplace environment and let your teams schedule their remote, work-from-home, or office workplace in advance.
So they can meet more easily.

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Collaboration with a seamless room booking experience

A meeting room booking system your office manager and employees will love. Keep the overview.
Book a meeting in just a few clicks
with Pult Rooms.

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Efficient meeting room booking software with user-friendly interface for streamlined office management and effortless scheduling
Pult resource management for hybrid workplaces, enabling team coordination and simplifying remote, work-from-home, and in-office scheduling

Resource Management

Manage your hybrid office resources easily

A comprehensive management system that helps you easily track, monitor, and report on parking lots, monitors, and other items in the workplace.
So your colleague always have what they need the most to feel welcome in the office.


Office Insights

Get insightful data and optimize your hybrid workplace

Gain deep insights into your office environment like workspace utilization, employee interaction patterns, access control usage and more.
Better understand your office and make data driven decisions about how to optimize your spaces for maximum efficiency.

Actionable office insights for optimizing hybrid workplaces, enhancing efficiency with data-driven meeting room booking and simplified scheduling.
Effortless visitor management for a seamless experience, promoting organized hybrid workplaces

Visitor Management

Impress your Visitors with a seamless experience

An easy-to-use guest management system: set up access control lists, manage visitor information, create custom reports on visits and more. Ensure the security of your workplace by knowing who is coming in and out at all times.

Discover PULT Visitors

Integrated with Slack, Teams, Personio
and many more

Effortlessly manage your hybrid work with Pult's seamless integration with Slack

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Hybrid Workplace Management Software

Here are the 4 most frequently asked questions about hybrid work and how hybrid workplace management software can help.

What is a hybrid workplace?

A hybrid workplace is a workplace that is based on a work arrangement where employees have the flexibility to split their time between working remotely and coming into the office. It allows for a more flexible work-life balance while still maintaining collaboration with colleagues.

How can hybrid workplace management software help with implementing a hybrid work model?

Hybrid workplace management software can help companies manage their workspace effectively by providing real-time data on space utilization, desk availability, and meeting room scheduling. This helps ensure that employees have access to necessary resources when they come into the office.

Can hybrid workplace management software help companies save money?

Yes, by optimizing space utilization, companies can reduce real estate costs associated with maintaining large offices while also minimizing energy consumption and other overhead expenses.

What benefits do Head of HR or office managers get from using this kind of solution?

These solutions provide valuable insights through analytics dashboards that enable managers to track space usage trends over time, optimize resource allocation based on actual usage rates, and identify areas for improvement in employee productivity or engagement.

Unlock the power of a stress-free compliance.

Get easier access to ISO certification while adhering to Europe's highest standards for data privacy protection.

Trust Pult to keep your data secure and safeguard your privacy.
Enhance your hybrid
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G2 Users Love Pult for Hybrid Workplace Management

The best in class Hybrid Solution

Our users love Pult. And recommend us