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Desk Booking

Click & Book your workstation

Bring the team back together and save on office costs with an innovative desk booking software. Directly from Slack or MS Teams.

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Desk booking solution for the hybrid officeMore about Desk Booking

Hybrid Work Planner

See who is working from where

Enable full flexibility in times of Hybrid Work with a simple workplace planner and faster team collaboration by letting everyone know, who is working from where.

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Room Booking

Easy Room Booking. Fully synced.

Manage amenities in a breeze and enable your team to find the perfect meeting room to meet in the office. All synced with Google calendar or Outlook.

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Visitor Management

Welcome your visitors the easy way

Invite your guests and visitors back to your offices and stay compliant with security standards, using a smart kiosk solution.

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Join the Leaders of innovative Workplaces

See what our customers have to say about how PULT has helped them optimize their hybrid workplaces. From enhancing user experience to simplifying processes, we're proud to be the #1 solution for innovative workplaces.

Users at G2 Love Us
Maïwenn Charpentier

“I love seeing who is in the office. This transparency has resulted in more people coming back to the office.”

Pia Wendisch
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“As a fast-growing company, an app to manage and analyze our office spaces is needed. PULT makes this easy.”

Aura Cruz

“The design is kind of eye-catching. It helps us with workplace safety and understanding our true office capacity needs.”

Laura Jentczak

"Pult simplifies the process, guaranteeing that every individual will have a designated seat upon their arrival at the office."

Office Insights

Get the data, Analyze, Improve.

Understand your office dynamics better and make stategic, data-driven decisions to maximize efficiency.

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The best integrated Hybrid Office & Desk Booking solution

Use Pult features directly from Slack and MS Teams. Synced with your favorite HR Softwares and Calendars.

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GDPR and compliance for your deskbooking software and hybrid workplace

Experience Effortless 100% GDPR Compliance.

Experience the tranquility of effortless compliance, tailored for the pace of your evolving business landscape.


Navigate the Future of Workplace: Your Questions Answered

Dive into the most common questions about the future of work and understand how our hybrid workplace management software can empower your organization.

How do I set up a hybrid work environment?

Setting up a hybrid work environment requires a combination of both in-office and remote work strategies. It includes implementing desk sharing systems to maximize space efficiency and facilitate collaboration among in-office employees. Utilizing desk booking software can help manage this process seamlessly. Make sure to provide the necessary technology and support for remote work and create guidelines that promote flexibility and communication.

What software do I need for desk sharing?

For efficient desk sharing, you'll need a robust desk booking system that allows employees to reserve workspaces easily. Software like PULT can be customized to fit your organization's specific needs. Features to consider include real-time availability, integration with existing tools, and user-friendly interfaces. Explore our Desk Booking Software page for a comprehensive showcase of our solution.

What is a hot desk?

A hot desk refers to a shared workspace that employees can use on a first-come, first-served basis, or through a reservation system. Unlike assigned seating, hot desking promotes flexibility and can optimize office space. It's a common practice in desk sharing environments and aligns well with modern, agile work cultures. Learn more about how to implement hot desking in your office by visiting our Hot Desking Guide on

What are the benefits of room booking?

Room booking offers several benefits such as efficient use of space, reduced overhead costs, and improved collaboration. By implementing a room booking system, organizations can ensure that meeting rooms and other shared spaces are utilized effectively. It allows for easy scheduling, minimizes double bookings, and can even integrate with desk sharing strategies for a cohesive workplace management system. Discover howroom booking can enhance your workplace.

How do I choose the right desk sharing software for my organization?

How do I choose the right desk sharing software for my organization? Choosing the right desk sharing software involves understanding your organization's specific needs and evaluating various solutions based on features, compatibility, support, and pricing. Consider factors like ease of use, scalability, and integration with existing systems.

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