Office Insights

Let data drive your workplace decisions

Leverage data analysis to enhance your hybrid workplace. Get insights into your office usage and team behavior. With Pult, you transform data into actionable improvements.

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Pult Deskbooking Software

Supercharge your workplace with data

Stop guessing and start making informed decisions about your workplace. Use insights to understand your space needs, how many desks you need, trends and much more.

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Measure and improve hybrid success

Understand hybrid work, for your employees, team and company. Analyse trends and get a picture if hybrid policies are being followed - fully compliant with GDPR.

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Boost Employee Engagement with personal feedback

Introducing Personal Insights - a simple yet powerful tool designed to tune into your team's well-being. Through quick surveys, you get powerful feedback from the most important part of hybrid work: your team.

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Why "Pult Insights"?

Optimize office space and resources based on real-time and historical data.
Hybrid Policy Monitoring
Stay compliant by measuring your hybrid office policies.
No more guesswork. Make decisions based on clear, concise, and up-to-date insights.

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What is the main purpose of the "Ultimate Insights" dashboard?

The "Ultimate Insights" dashboard is designed to provide comprehensive data on office usage and employee mood. This allows businesses to optimize their workspace, enhance employee engagement, and make informed decisions to reduce office costs.

How often is the data updated?

The data is updated in real-time, ensuring that you always have the most recent and accurate insights at your fingertips.

Is the "Mood Insights" feature available for all users?

Yes, the "Mood Insights" feature is currently in Beta and is available for all users. We believe that understanding employee mood is crucial for enhancing engagement and overall productivity.

How do I export the data for further analysis?

There's an "Export with Ease" feature that allows you to export your data seamlessly. This can be used for deeper analysis or to share insights with other stakeholders.

Can I customize the time range for the data displayed?

Yes, the dashboard allows you to view data from specific time ranges, be it daily, weekly, or even monthly, giving you the flexibility to analyze trends over different periods.

How does the dashboard help in reducing office costs?

By providing insights into office space utilization and employee presence, businesses can make informed decisions about resource allocation, potentially reducing costs associated with underutilized spaces or resources.