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Connect with your coworkers and teams from anywhere

A cloud-based hybrid work scheduling tool that enables employees, teams and managers to communicate effectively and foster communication in an ever-changing hybrid environment.

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Pult Deskbooking Software
Employee scheduling a Desk with Pult

See who
is working where

A simple overview of where your coworkers are working from (remote, office, home) helps you decide you whether you want to stay working from home or would like to join your favorite colleagues in the office.

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Plan your location and routines

Choose your hybrid work location and let your coworkers know where you're working from in the blink of an eye. Plan ahead, set a personalized routine and let your team know your current location and availability.

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Integrates with your favorite tools

As part of a seamless hybrid experience, your teams
and employees can schedule their workday directly
from Slack or Microsoft Teams. So they get notified directly from the apps they use on a regular basis.

PULT on Slack
PULT on Microsoft Teams
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Your way to hybrid work

All you need for your hybrid
workplace scheduling

Easy planning
Cheoose your hybrid location, schedule easily and let everyone know wherer you're working from.
Direct overview
Know who from your colleagues is working from where and join them in the office easily.
Personalized Categories
Business trip, vacation, sick leave, remote or workation, we've got you covered.
Weekly & Monthly Dashboard
Create your hybrid schedule on a weekly or monthly basis in a few clicks and plan ahead.
Routine schedule settings
Create your own standard recurring routines on the long term & save yourself time on updating your workplace schedule.
Monitor office presence
Keep track of your hybrid work policy and employee office presence to optimize the hybrid experience.
Easy steps to scheduling a Workplace

Workplace Scheduling for Office Managers

Foster communication between employees, enable healthy hybrid work policies and optimize your offices.

Let employees see where their favorite coworkers are working from
Lot them schedule their workplace directly from Slack or MS Teams
Analyze office occupancy and optimize workspace

Join the Leaders of innovative Workplaces

See what our customers have to say about how PULT has helped them optimize their hybrid workplaces. From enhancing user experience to simplifying processes, we're proud to be the #1 solution for innovative workplaces.

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Maïwenn Charpentier

“I love seeing who is in the office. This transparency has resulted in more people coming back to the office.”

Pia Wendisch
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“As a fast-growing company, an app to manage and analyze our office spaces is needed. PULT makes this easy.”

Aura Cruz

“The design is kind of eye-catching. It helps us with workplace safety and understanding our true office capacity needs.”

Laura Jentczak

"Pult simplifies the process, guaranteeing that every individual will have a designated seat upon their arrival at the office."


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What is hybrid work scheduling?

Hybrid work scheduling is a tool that allows employees to split their time between working from the office and working remotely, and inform coworkers about their current and planned work location. It offers flexibility to employees while maintaining the benefits of in-person collaboration.

How can I implement hybrid work scheduling in my company?

To implement hybrid work scheduling with Pult, you basically just need to connect it either to your company Slack or Microsoft Team account (admin rights needed). Need more help to prepare for Hybrid Work? Discover more tips in our free Hybrid Work Checklist.

How does hybrid work scheduling benefit employers?

It also allows companies to save on office space and other overhead costs by providing office insights about office occupancy. Knowing where team members are working from also allow employers and managers to better plan and work more efficiently.

How does hybrid work scheduling benefit employees?

Hybrid work scheduling can improve employee communication and productivity by allowing them to better plan when to meet colleagues in the office or when to plan work tasks depending on coworkers' location.

Will hybrid work scheduling affect team collaboration?

Hybrid work scheduling can actually enhance team collaboration by making it easier to know who is working from where. This allows for colleagues to meet easier in the office and/or know when to set an online meeting with a colleague if working remote. This foster a healthier company culture where people get in touch more easily.

How much does the hybrid work scheduling solution cost?

The hybrid work scheduling solution, which includes access to many other features like deskbooking, starts at €1.9 per month per user. Pricing may vary depending on the size of your company and specific needs. Contact our sales team for more information on pricing options.