Room Booking

Your room booking system for innovative hybrid teams

Enable an easy and collaborative flex & hot desk reservation and monitor your office growth and needs at a glance

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Pult Deskbooking Software

Always find the best meeting room

Smart filters enables you to filter meeting room for availablity, capacity, available resources (like TV or Whiteboard) and already see who of your coworkers are available. So you can book the fitting room equipped with all you need.

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Direct sync with Outlook & Google Calendar

Select a room for your meeting and invite your colleagues, either on -site or via video call.

it's all synced with your calendar (Outlook/Gcal), and invitation are already on their way!

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Easy resource

Set maximum capacities in breeze while keeping the perfect overview of your meeting room.

Assign amenities like TV, beamers, Whiteboard and more in just a few clicks and let your employee book the perfect room for their meetings.

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Why our users love Pult Room Booking

Our clients love the streamlined integration of desk and meeting room booking. It's the heart of their efficient hybrid workplaces, making meeting room reservations simple and effective.

Users at G2 Love Us
Maïwenn Charpentier

"Booking a room in a breeze has encouraged us to return for in-person meetings, enhancing the office atmosphere."

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“As a fast-growing company, an app to manage and analyze our office spaces is needed. PULT makes this easy.”

Auro Cruz

“The design is kind of eye-catching. It helps us with workplace safety and understanding our true office capacity needs.”

Dave Meike
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“PULT brings together 4 previously separate tools into one. This saves a lot of time and increases user experience.”

The perfect room booking
system for your hybrid team

Welcome to the intelligent conference room scheduling system
that eliminates wasted space, making it effortless to locate and reserve
the appropriate room for your teams.

Maximum occupancy
Enable social distancing and keep the number of attendees safe in every room.
Resource management
Keep a constant overview of your meeting rooms configurations.
Easy room management
Manage all of your meeting rooms in one overview thanks to a dedicated dashboard.
Smart filter
Select a date, number of attendees, the configuration needet and find the perfect room for your meeting.
Calendar sync
Your meetings are diectly synced with your calendar (Google, Outlook) etc.
Meeting scheduling
Schedule meetings and invite attenees in seconds, all directly from the Pult interface.
Booking a Meeting Room with Pult is  straightforward

How to book a meeting room

Fast & easy thanks to a super intuitive interface,
smart filters and full synchronization with your favorite calendar tools.

Give in your search criteria and find the perfectly matching room
See when your colleagues are
available to attend the meeting
Create a meeting and send
invitations right away

All you want to know about Room Booking

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us, we're happy to help!

What are the benefits of using a room booking system?

There are many benefits to using a room booking system, including: improved efficiency and organization of room reservations, real-time availability information, the ability to manage and track resources such as AV equipment, reduced double bookings, and improved communication among staff members and event organizers.

Can I customize the booking system to fit my organization's needs?

Yes, Pult Room Booking system offers some level of customization to fit the unique needs of your organization. This may include setting up a specific room name, adding custom resources to reservation forms, or integrating with Outlook or Google Calendar.

Is it possible to integrate PULT Rooms with other software applications?

Yes, we offer integrations with other software applications such as calendars (Google), email clients (Outlook). This can help streamline the reservation process and reduce the need for manual data entry.

Can users book rooms from their mobile devices?

Yes, PULT room booking systems offer  mobile-optimized webapp that allow users to reserve rooms from your smartphone or tablet..