Welcome your visitors the easy way

Invite your guests and visitors back to your offices and manage them using a smart kiosk solution.

Pult Visitors Management used on an iPad

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Impress your guests with a seamless user experience

Available on your current devices
Install the check-in terminal directly from an internet browser on any iPad or tablet.
Easy check-in
Let your visitors and guests check in and out in a breeze. And know which guests are in the office at any moment.
Smart notifications
Visitors just checked-in? Hosts among your colleagues get directly notified to come pick them up over Slack or MS Teams.

Integrates with your favorite tools

As part of a seamless hybrid experience, your teams and employees can schedule their workday directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams. So they get notified directly from the apps they use on a regular basis.
Pult Slack integration
Pult MS Teams integrationLogo of Pult integration partner SlackLogo of Pult integration partner Microsoft Team
Floor Plan Overview
360° hybrid work experience

Discover our deskbooking solution

Our Pult Hybrid Work Platform includes a smart desk booking solution, so your employee can book a desk near their favorite colleagues.

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