Visitor Management

Welcome your
Visitors the
easy way

Invite your guests and visitors back to your offices and stay compliant with security standards, using a smart kiosk solution.

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Pult Deskbooking Software

Tailored Experiences with personalized
Visitor Flows

Say goodbyes to generic visitor experiences. With PULT, design unique visitor flows that capture essential information, feedback and more.

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Swift Check-Ins

Visitors can digitally sign necessary documents and NDAs. So your office space is more secure and you can keep an easy overview.

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Real-Time Host Alerts

Hosts receive real-time alerts on plattforms like Slack or MS Teams, ensuring timely greetings and instructions.

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Connect your desk booking for a unified office experience

Allow visitors to reserve workstations in advance, ensuring they have a dedicated space upon arrival. Integrate with your existing desk booking system for a seamless experience.

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Let your visitors and guests check in and out in a breeze

All you need to manage
your visitors

Check in/out
Let your visitors and guests check in and out in a breeze.
On all devices
Install the check-in terminal directly from an internet browser on any iPad or tablet.
Document signing
Easy NDA or document signing at a fingertip.
Smart notifications
Visitors just checked-in? Hosts among your colleagues get directly notified to come pick them up over Slack or MS Teams.
Provides a comprehensive audit trail which can be used to identify any suspicious behavior or for legal compliance.
Keep track of your hybrid work policy and employee office presence to optimize the hybrid experience.


You asked, we answered

Everything you need to know about Pult Visitor Management System.

Do I need an extra device to user Pult visitor management system?

No, you can use Pult visitor management system on any tablet or smartphone.

How does Pult visitor management system work?

Pult visitor management system works by allowing visitors to check-in using their personal information, such as name and email address. Once checked-in, the hosts are notified of the visitor's arrival and can come welcome them.

Can Pult visitor management system be customized to fit my company's branding?

Yes, Pult visitor management system can be customized to match your company's branding, including logos, colors, and other design elements.

Is Pult visitor management system secure?

Yes, Pult visitor management system is designed with security in mind. It uses secure data storage and transmission protocols to protect visitor information and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, all data is encrypted to ensure maximum security.

Can Pult visitor management system track visitor data for reporting purposes?

Yes, Pult visitor management system can track visitor data and generate reports on visitor activity. This can be useful for identifying trends, monitoring facility usage, and optimizing security protocols.

How easy is it to set up Pult visitor management system?

Pult visitor management system is designed to be easy to set up and use. It can be installed on any tablet or smartphone and is customizable to fit your company's needs. Our support team is also available to assist with setup and any technical issues that may arise.