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Users at G2 Love Us
Maïwenn Charpentier

“I love seeing who is in the office. This transparency has resulted in more people coming back to the office.”

Pia Wendisch
Taxdoo Logo

“As a fast-growing company, an app to manage and analyze our office spaces is needed. PULT makes this easy.”

Aura Cruz

“The design is kind of eye-catching. It helps us with workplace safety and understanding our true office capacity needs.”

Laura Jentczak

"Pult simplifies the process, guaranteeing that every individual will have a designated seat upon their arrival at the office."


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you need answers to.

How much does PULT costs?

With our commitment to providing the most affordable prices for your company, we make sure you only pay for what YOU use. Our flexible pricing structure allows us fit any size and helps grow teams while staying within budget - all with access to full hybrid working!

Can I try Pult?

Why wait? Get your free demo and 14-day trial now! We're here to help you find what makes sense for both of our business. If there's anything else I can do just get in touch with me and let’s figure it out together!"

Is there any desktop app?

No. But our fully Web-based App lets you book a shared desk or a room from anywhere and on any device. Get all of the advantages that come with using cloud technology without having to be connected directly through a network connection!

Are my data safe?

Yes, we are. All of our servers and data centers operate in compliance with the highest standards when it comes to privacy laws - which is something you can feel good about because they're based out Germany!

Can we get access to an API?

The answer to your question is yes! As part of our Enterprise plan, we provide an API. You can find out more by contacting us with any questions you might have about it.

Is there a iOS or Android app?

Not yet. But we're working hard on that and it will be available soon! Plus: our WebApp works seamlessly across all devices, so you can use this great tool no matter what kind of mobile phone or tablet.

How do I set up PULT MS Teams integration?

You will have a personalized onboarding call with our team so we can help get you through the process.

What kind of customer support do I get?

The service is all inclusive with PULT, you get access to e-mail and chat support (a widget within the dashboard).
The team at implement are dedicated professionals who will be there every step of your journey as an admin!