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Employers are increasingly turning to
hybrid working models
to provide the best
possible work experience for their employees.
However, this transition
can be challenging...
The Challenge of managing a hybrid work model
How to continue fostering a healthy company culture?
Hard to bring everyone together and continue to keep your company culture alive when
many of your coworkers
work remotely.
Energy crisis: How to save budget?
We're facing different global
crises that brought a shift in the
way we work. Including energy
costs in office
Still battling
with Excel data?
Hard to keep an overview
and a clear communication between teams
and management?
Who is
working from
Is the question in everyone's mind when it comes to
set a meeting or any event. Team management can become chaotic.

PULT Presents The
Hybrid Workplace Experience

A 360° solution thats put your employees in the center

Floor Maps
Desk & Room booking
Start Your Hybrid Work Experience Now

Workplace Operation

Manage your Hybrid Workplace, faster on-site meetings
and improve employee experience

Room Booking
Hybrid Workplace Planner
Guest Management
Pult Workplace Operation Dashboard

Hybrid Employee Engagement

Connect your coworkers via their favorite tools
and foster a healthy hybrid company culture.

Slack integration
MS Teams integration
Mood Survey
Employee Survey
open plan Office Space

Hybrid Workplace Optimization

Optimize your workspace, enable transparency on
work policies and save managing costs.

Office Insights
Personio Integration
open plan Office Space

Best hybrid work

A seamless experience
throughout all the tools your employees use everyday.

open plan Office Space

Unlock the power of stress-free compliance.

Get easier access to ISO certification while adhering to Europe's highest standards for data privacy protection.

open plan Office Space

Increase office usage
by 70% with Pult

Pult can Increase Office Usage by 70%

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