Workplace Experience Platform: the future of work

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Workplace Experience Platform: the future of work
Hybrid Workplace Expert
July 21, 2023
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he company's decision for a hybrid working model is not a time-limited project, but a holistic change in the workplace and its experience for employees. Employers must ensure that the changes they make align with their employees' needs. A Workplace Experience Platform can assist with this.

What does Workplace Experience mean?

Work, in the traditional sense, has always been tied to a physical place, the office building. Nowadays, work means allowing people to work from anywhere, as long as that place allows them to be productive. The workplace experience should be positive and support people in their individually preferred work locations.

Workation as part of the workplace experience

What is a Workplace Experience Platform?

A Workplace Experience Platform includes various tools and services, depending on the individual needs of the company and its Workplace Experience strategy. The platform can be customized to individual wishes, but there are a few core elements that should be included in any Workplace Experience Platform.

  • Workplace Planning: The chosen platform should support the employees in their time management and thus in optimizing their location-independent work.
  • Administration: The platform should not only benefit the employees, but also support the executives. This mainly involves the management of hybrid work.
  • Collaboration: A Workplace Experience Platform should promote the collaboration of employees and teams. It should take over the coordination of employees and resources and thus create the basis for a productive working environment.
a good workplace experience starts with the right softwares

How do I find the right Workplace Experience Platform for my company?

To know which Workplace Experience Platform best suits a company, it should define its goals precisely and know in which areas of the hybrid working model they want support. It's not just about implementing a Workplace Experience strategy, but also about strategic advice in the implementation process. Providers like Pult can offer valuable support.

Choosing a suitable platform is a crucial step towards a successful hybrid working environment. With a well-thought-out Workplace Experience Platform, companies can combine the best of both worlds - the office and the home office - and thus increase the satisfaction and productivity of their employees.

Workplace Experience Platform: the future of work
Hybrid Workplace Expert
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