Revolutionizing HR & Desk Sharing with Personio and Pult

How to unleash the potential of hybrid workplaces with Personio and Pult, transforming HR management and facilitating effective desk sharing strategies.

Revolutionizing HR & Desk Sharing with Personio and Pult
Hybrid Workplace Expert
June 12, 2023
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In the increasingly complex landscape of business, Human Resources (HR) management emerges as a vital anchor, shaping the course of a company's journey. The surge of hybrid workplaces, a concept interweaving remote and in-office work, exacerbates the intricacies and potential challenges linked with HR management. However, with cutting-edge solutions like Personio, an innovative HR software company based in Germany, organizations can effortlessly streamline their internal management processes and confidently adapt to the evolving dynamics of hybrid work environments.

The Transformative Role of Personio in a Hybrid Workplace

At the core of Personio's offerings is a cloud-based platform - a comprehensive solution for businesses battling the multifaceted demands of a hybrid work environment. It serves as an integrated system for managing a wide array of employee-related data, from personal information to benefits, and even payroll. This holistic system is accessible from a single convenient platform. This feature is particularly invaluable for hybrid workplaces where employees operate from various locations and use multiple devices, making it challenging to maintain a consistent record. Explore the power of Personio

In addition, Personio's toolset brims with features tailored to foster and support remote work. Time tracking capabilities and team calendars are readily available for HR managers, arming them with tools to stay in control, even in a decentralized work environment. Further, the remote-friendly design of Personio's performance management component ensures that performance reviews and feedback sessions can occur seamlessly, creating an environment conducive for sustained employee growth and success in a hybrid setting.

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Personio is your quintessential companion if your answers to these questions are a resounding YES:

  • Are you on the hunt for strategies to automate the typically arduous administrative tasks associated with personnel management, thereby liberating resources and time?
  • Are you looking to pivot towards more strategic endeavors like talent acquisition and nurturing internal employee development?

Desk Sharing: The Harmonious Blend of Personio and Pult

In the vocabulary of the evolving hybrid workplace, the term 'desk' signifies much more than a physical space - it symbolizes flexibility and potential. Desk sharing systems, such as the ones offered by Pult, facilitate fluid workspace utilization. Integrated meeting room booking systems streamline the allocation of space, reducing administrative burden and enhancing productivity. Along with this, Pult's hybrid workplace planners offer employees an insightful peek into their colleagues' locations, thereby significantly boosting collaboration in a hybrid context.

The strategic integration of Pult and Personio simplifies the onboarding process, essentially transforming it into a hands-off operation. Information from Personio is leveraged to auto-create new employees and teams in Pult, and to update existing ones. This synergy extends further, with absence and attendance times being auto-synchronized between Personio and Pult, promising an intuitive and seamless user experience. Learn more about Personio and Pult integration

By merging the unparalleled efficiency of HR management offered by Personio with Pult's sophisticated desk sharing capabilities, you can revolutionize your hybrid work environment. As we forge ahead into this era of hybrid workplaces, it's abundantly clear that the future belongs to innovative solutions that promote productivity and engagement, regardless of where your employees are based.

Ready to reshape your HR management and desk sharing approach? Experience the transformative power of Personio and Pult today.

Revolutionizing HR & Desk Sharing with Personio and Pult
Hybrid Workplace Expert
Hybrid Workplace enthusiast • Growth & Marketing Manager at PULT