What is the best home office setup for productivity?

This list of tips will help you make more out of your workstation at home and gain productivity in a very simple way. Read more.

What is the best home office setup for productivity?
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January 12, 2022
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How can I make my home office productive?

An ergonomic office chair to give your back some love

Stop me in case it seems familiar - your back is aching, the neck is stretched out and your lower back is experiencing a painful ache that is affecting the quality of your job and your overall health. Walk and stretch are most often not sufficient to help…

Providing comfortable, ergonomic seats with optimal back support is essential for your relaxation and focus. In the same period, researchers found that ergonomic chairs were more effective in preventing stifling fatigue during the day and that they also had less fatigue. The results show stifling is reduced.

The perfect desk setup needs the perfect office chair

Wherever we work, we spend a lot of our hours on the office desks. Backaches and neck cramps can be a serious problem when using home offices to achieve work productivity. To get optimal productivity from your business desk, you need an attractive office chair. A chair that makes you feel back pain can cause significant injuries to your posture and can in turn affect your productivity. When setting up your ergonomic chairs to ensure the highest level of productivity, you must remember these things and keep them in mind when choosing one.

Invest in an ergonomic chair

If you are a business person and don't want a desk chair is a right solution. An ergonomic chair should be used to ensure productivity throughout the workday. Ergonomic chairs reduce discomfort and may hinder your focus on your task. The right chairs should have adjustable heights to fit into your head. You have to do what follows to be successful.

Consider a standing desk setup

Rather than a sitting desk setup, a standing desk setup is healthier, lets you work longer, and saves space in your office or studio.

For this reason, most of remote workers are interested in becoming more productive by getting a standing desk setup at home or wherever they work from. But what exactly does it mean to have an effective standing desk?

An effective standing desk setup is one that you never have to think about. It has the right height, the correct number of monitors, and provides ample space for your work. You can concentrate on your tasks instead of fiddling with your desk. Meanwhile, it doesn't take up too much space in your office or studio. 

To make this process easier, here are my best tips about what types of equipment work best for a standing desk setup:

- A few books stacked together makes a great keyboard tray when they're not being used by feet as a makeshift stool when sitting down.

- Use wireless keyboards/mice whenever possible so that there are no cables to get tangled up on the ground.

- Use a laptop/tablet as the console for your PC if you don't need a multiple computer screen desk space.

- Use monitor mounts instead of using bulky desks with built-in shelves or cabinets. This allows you to set up any kind of standing desk setup that works best for you, and it saves space.

- If your have to stick to wires, try and use under-desk wire mesh baskets to manage all your wires neatly, even if they are dangling down from above your standing desk setup instead of being tucked away under them.

There are lots more helpful tips out there to create the perfect standing desk at home, but hopefully this has given you an idea about what it takes in order to make a good standing desk setup for home office

Use a keyboard and mouse for enhanced ergonomics

If you are using laptops and tablets, you will need an external keyboard and mouse. These products can enhance ergonomics at your desk by preventing wrist and arm tension. The ergonomics are crucial for a productive work environment.

Plants to boost your mood

Plants are more than a simple decoration. Study shows that being near plants is beneficial to health, as well as filtering the air in which they are found. Plants brighten up and brighten sterile rooms. A plant can improve the way you cope with stress in home office by refocusing your energy. Psychotherapists' research shows planting flora in workspaces increases productivity by 15 percent. What is your fear of killing plants? It won't happen! Numerous plants have been shown for being extremely durable and relatively less maintenance. Succulent plants are a great starting point if we need to create a homegrown garden around our house and can be easily maintained.

office station with plants

Green is good

Having a good dose of plant life helps improve our health in many aspects. Air pollution in your office can seriously affect your health and productivity. Asthmatic people with allergies should look at the plant at the house office. Introduced plants to your space improve your air quality by filtering and removing harmful substances in your environment like benzene formaldehyde, carbon dioxide. They distribute the oxygen in the air to breathe. If you even want to go further: various flowers are also suitable for aromatherapy.

Find the right technical set-up

A superfast computer because time spent waiting to load adds up quickly

It feels different to have your computer locked up on an older Mac Pro for what seems like an eternity. Now the pages load quickly and your hand moves. It's impossible to do any more of this than today. Do people still remember their best moments? When buying new computers, keep in mind the everyday tasks you have in mind. Do graphic designers need large projects? Is it advisable for an architect to develop his/her work on his/her computer? Maybe you are writing and need a quick browser to search and access email. Take this into consideration before committing to the right upgrade.

A big external monitor to transform the way you get things done

Raise your hand to anyone who has over 500,000 tabs on a PC. A lot of Websites are completely unusable and confused. So the doubling of monitors can help with daily work - and it'll pay for itself. The "New York Times" reported that two monitors are proving effective for a productivity increase of between 20-25 percent. Choose one that offers a clear and visible screen (to reduce headaches) and a brighter one (to reduce reflection). Consider upgrading to a large screen to maximize the space on the screen.

Find your light

Whether it is early in the morning or at night, the lighting for your office workflow is essential. It is critical to select the best lighting sources for productivity. Ideally, you should have a desk (or standing desk at best) in one of the brightest rooms. Natural light can help improve home office productivity and concentration, enhancing mood and helping to lower energy consumption. Find a bigger and brighter window and see if it's possible to use your workstation inside it.

home office workplace with light

Set up near a window and get some natural light

Research has shown that sunlight improves alertness and productivity, as well as reduces anxiety. In addition, you can gaze at a computer every 30 seconds or so. Are windows unavailable? You may have artificial light at your office, or buy light bulbs that replicate natural light. Alternatively, use a floor lamp instead of overhead lighting, since it is possible to adjust the position of the lamp to reduce the brightness of the computer screen when viewing. Depending on your lighting needs, customized lamps will give you better visual clarity.

Soft light desk lamp for your optic and mental health

A single desk lamp provides the perfect solution for relaxing, comfortable working environments. A soft glow provides the warm feeling of a warm home that helps you relax and create a more calm home office and reproduce natural light. Studies have proven the positive impact of daylight exposure on your mental and physical health. Work under dim light conditions with screens as their principal source strains eyes, causing fatigue, headaches, and blurred vision.

Organize your mess!

How do you work efficiently and be able to keep wasting time searching for a charger? A disorganized desk damages productivity, and overuse of useless items can contribute to stress. As an overall plan, chaos on a dirty desk could lead to an overactive mind or even worsen your habits. An organized desk requires system creation. All the digital equipment needs to be sent to their designated homes. Keep all your documents in one convenient folder.

A smart assistant to save you precious time

It could be something that could cause a big red flag when someone hasn't attended a meeting in ten days. Stress can get in the way of doing everything while doing the important things. Generally, office assistants work in the office and executive assistants are a person. Smart assistants are available like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant for making appointments and making phone calls. Is your phone going to be answered? Your computer is reminding you of the situation. What are your thoughts when working on a new project?

A whiteboard for analog creativity

In the modern age, computers are restricted by their mode of use: mouse and keyboard. Some people work on laptops ranging from 14" to 23", leaving little space for anything but a maximum-sized spreadsheet and documents. It's a good idea to make an analog lifesaver! Whiteboards offer an interesting alternative to creating and developing a new work-related task. The use of whiteboards as an effective resource is a significant way to enhance productivity.

Team communication

Maximizing your productivity at home could be one thing, but working in secluded groups would be even harder. Even basic office interactions, like asking a colleague where he has documents, are difficult after team separation between offices. Thanks to technology that allowed for better communication and collaboration over the past decade, productivity has not suffered. Slack is considered a leading tool for communication and team collaboration. Slack has been developed in the hands of remote workers.

team communication on online plattforms

Schedule team meetings without the headaches

A major problem when working in remote teams is getting everyone together for a meeting. Picking the right time for everyone is a tricky choice when teams work on a flexible schedule. This tool doesn't require any effort. Calendly helps groups organize and facilitate collaborative work sessions quickly and easily. Team members set the available hours and allow managers to set meetings that attendees must only confirm. You can arrange groups or individual meeting sessions, or specify different meeting arrangements.

Video calling

Among the digital developments emerging from a Coronavirus crisis is the need for the ability to work from home and to overcome social isolation. Zoom has captured most headlines from the outbreak, and the situation suddenly seems like Skype will fall back on the B-list of callers. However, there may also be some options that need consideration. After Zoom became popular, Google took over. Fortunately, Google had everything needed for them to make it work.

Increase productivity with these focus apps

Let’s begin with one difficulty when working at home, namely staying focused when your mind is cluttered with distracting information. Make sure to set up the workspace in your home, preferably an isolated room where nobody interrupts you so no one will be disturbed. This app is a productivity tool for home offices. Serene seems relatively new to the productivity app but has quickly become my favorite.

Automate time-consuming tasks

Before that, my friend mentioned how much time small repetitive tasks consume. Worse of all, these work tasks include transferring files, copying and pasting text, and modifying documents – things that your customer doesn't even notice. It's why time-monitoring applications have become crucial, but you can also save time and effort by incorporating some automatic software to accomplish these tasks. Zapier is the best app we can describe here since it is the most automated tool that a company uses.

Is a Home office more productive?

home office station in a living room

Does working from home affect productivity?

A study published in 2015 showed productivity increased 14 percent for workers at home. The company reported that remote employees who had traveled to other countries during the pandemic experienced a call rate increase of 7.8 per minute, an increase that helped increase productivity for the short term.

In a nutshell

To build an ideal workspace for a remote office environment, you have to create a room that's fun to use. Lighting the desk properly is best for working. Bring the outdoors inside and add plantations to the room. If you don't like to keep things alive, succulent plants can be an attractive, simple and affordable option. Keep everything neat and make room for the tools you have. Take care of your body and work regularly.

To learn more about how to optimize your workplace at Home for Hybrid Work, with more designs advice from experts: read this article on porch.com

What is the best home office setup for productivity?
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