Introducing Our New Customer Success Specialist

Welcome to the PULT Family: Introducing Our New Customer Success Specialist Lars Köhler

 Introducing Our New Customer Success Specialist
Hybrid Workplace Expert
February 7, 2024
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view of a hybrid work office is excited to announce a significant new addition to our team: our Customer Success Specialist Lars, bringing with them seven years of rich experience in the realm of customer success management. This appointment marks a new chapter in our mission to revolutionize the hybrid workplace environment.

Seasoned Expertise in Customer Success

Our latest team member isn’t just any specialist; he comes to us with a seven-year track record of excellence in customer success management. His experience means he brings a deep understanding of client needs and a proven ability to create positive, lasting customer relationships. His expertise is set to be a cornerstone in how we support businesses transitioning to hybrid workplaces.

Your Guide Through the Hybrid Workplace Landscape

Hybrid workplaces, while the future, can be complex to navigate. Leveraging their extensive experience, our Customer Success Specialist is perfectly equipped to guide your business through this transition. He understands the intricacies of office management and desk booking like few others, ensuring your journey is both seamless and successful.

Onboarding and Setup: Tailored to Perfection

From your first interaction, our specialist ensures that your onboarding experience is exceptional. His expertise in setting up office management systems and tailoring desk booking solutions will meet your business's unique requirements, making sure you have the best tools and knowledge to thrive from the outset.

Accessible, Informed Support

Questions are always welcome, and with his wealth of experience, our Customer Success Specialist is always prepared with clear, informed answers. Whether you need in-depth guidance on our platform or advice on hybrid workplace best practices, he is there to support you with actionable insights and our dedicated PULT help center.

Dedication to Your Success

What truly sets our specialist apart is their unwavering commitment to your success. He is not just a point of contact; he is a dedicated partner in your journey, offering continuous support to ensure your hybrid workplace is as productive and efficient as possible.

PULT: Pioneering Modern Workplace Solutions

At, we are committed to empowering businesses with innovative solutions tailored for modern work environments. The addition of our Customer Success Specialist, with their impressive seven-year background in the field, underscores this commitment. They are not just an expert, but a visionary in customer success, ready to bring their depth of knowledge and enthusiasm to our team.

We are eager for you to meet them and experience the profound impact they will have on your journey to a successful hybrid workplace.

Discover more about how is transforming office management and desk booking systems, or connect with our Customer Success Specialist by connecting to your PULT Dashboard. Together, let's embrace the future of work with confidence and innovation.

 Introducing Our New Customer Success Specialist
Hybrid Workplace Expert
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