Vaccine Tracking: Support and protect your workplace.

Increased covid measures again - and that also in the office? Learn how you can prepare for it.

Vaccine Tracking: Support and protect your workplace.
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October 20, 2022
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Fall is coming and with it, most likely, increased Covid measures again - and in the office, too. That means that in addition to the usual administrative tasks like onboarding and payroll, Covid 19 vaccination status tracking is now coming to HR. Companies need to be able to ensure their team members are safe in the workplace and either fully vaccinated or tested weekly.

The need to track immunization records and test results digitally is leading to the provision of self-service options for employees. This also makes it easier for HR to manage data and ensure compliance with health regulations.

What does a vaccine tracking software do?

Primarily, such software seeks to help companies manage the health data of their employees. Teams' vaccination status can be tracked, and members can update and view their personal information themselves. Employees who are not fully vaccinated can enter their test results. Ideally, the vaccine tracking software provides weekly test reminders, ensuring a smooth process.

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How do I know which software is right for my business?

Vaccine tracking software ranges from simple vaccination status tracking systems to all-in-one employee management software that includes and simplifies processes such as performance management, onboarding and employee performance in addition to vaccine tracking.

Employees should feel safe around the clock. An organization should have the flexibility to decide which immunization tracking HR software to integrate. The software should be easily accessible via the Internet and include features for sending and signing new documents and policies and for collecting and completing immunization and testing documents.

It should also be easy to make updates to the platform and send reminders to team members.

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What should a company consider before making a decision?

Before making the final decision on the type of vaccine tracking platform, companies should figure out what best fits their situation.

For example, there are questions about the number of employees and the organization's monthly or annual budget. An organization should also ask itself what immunization tracking capabilities it needs. Is it just immunization record uploads, or also weekly testing and perhaps even custom data reports? Or perhaps your organization does need more add-ons to streamline the overall HR program?

With these considerations in mind, a company can manage its own research process and identify qualifying software options.

Vaccine Tracking: Support and protect your workplace.
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