4 simple ideas to make your office a place of success

Learn how to create an office space that promotes creativity, while getting sure that employees are working in a motivating environment.

4 simple ideas to make your office a place of success
Hybrid Workplace Expert
July 1, 2022
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On average, a person spends a third of his or her life at work. So it can't be that far-fetched that the success of employees also depends on their workplace. Thus, the concept of work-life balance becomes one of the most important components of a company's success. The workplace must be appealing and have human and environmental health as one of its existential premises.

In the age of Millennials, old principles are being thrown out the window. Young adults looking for jobs say they prefer a better quality of life at work to a fat salary. Employees want to feel that their company cares about their mental and physical health. But what can that look like?


Modern office design has declared war on small office cubicles. Management and employees should mix in large spaces to promote synthesis and innovation. To do this, the office doesn't have to be completely rebuilt, as simply removing partitions can create a more democratic and open workplace.

Deskbooking software can add even more flexibility, allowing everyone to work from the place that suits him or her best.


Collaboration is important, but employees also need to be able to think independently and work in private. When companies offer a variety of different spaces, each employee can work in an environment that suits his or her needs. For example, rooms that serve as relaxation areas can increase worker productivity.


If an office is not designed for basic infrastructure changes, implementing new policies can also be considered. Employees who feel more comfortable in their workplace are more likely to be more productive.

Indeed, plants can be integrated into the workplace, as greenery is naturally calming and can have a positive impact on health. But also a pet-friendly company, can contribute to the general well-being of the employees. Studies show that dogs reduce anxiety and stress, which naturally translates to the workplace.


Studies show that happier employees are more productive employees, as happiness can increase productivity by up to 12%. Thus, conscious office design increases a team's happiness and overall productivity. If the main goal of a company is the happiness of the employees, it is also the productivity of them.

Do you have an engaged workforce that is happy and looking to the future with a smile? Good, but that's not enough. In addition to maintaining the existing team, attracting new talent is also part of a company's goal. These potential new employees know only innovative workplaces and measure everything by this standard. To attract this talent, a company must be collaborative and flexible, promoting both well-being and value creation. The workplace is essential to the current workforce, but also reflects a company's future success.

Thoughtfully and with a plan, both current and future employees can remain happy, successful and engaged.

4 simple ideas to make your office a place of success
Hybrid Workplace Expert
Hybrid Workplace enthusiast • Growth & Marketing Manager at PULT