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Management Consulting
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The PAWLIK Group is an international consulting company in the personnel development, HR consulting, and process digitalization sectors. The company has 15 locations on several continents, with more than 500 workplaces around the globe.

Customer Story

The search for the right Office Management Solution

PAWLIK Group, like many companies, was forced to adapt to a hybrid work environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With employees working remotely or from different office locations, the company faced challenges related to managing office space and workstations.

As the Head of Office Management, Josefine von der Ohe was tasked with finding a solution to streamline the booking process and ensure that employees had access to the needed resources.

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Customer Story

Josefine von der Ohe
Head of Office Management | PAWLIK Group

Josefine von der Ohe is a member of PAWLIK Group's team and is responsible for managing the company's real estate and office operations. Her role involves ensuring that the company's offices are functional, efficient, and meet the needs of employees and clients. She works closely with her team to identify and address any challenges that arise in the office space, and is always looking for ways to improve processes and streamline operations.

Sabrina Kosse, Chief People Officer


With no system in place, PAWLIK Group employees encountered difficulties with booking workstations and meeting rooms, as well as accommodating the needs of those who frequently traveled.

Sabrina Kosse, Chief People Officer

Resource Management

It was hard to manage resources for consultants who frequently travelled to different locations and needed access to meeting rooms or parking spaces. Finding a simple solution that could accommodate their needs was a priority.

Desk Booking

Before the pandemic, employees used Outlook to book a workstation when they wanted to work from the office. However, this often resulted in overbooking or employees showing up without a booking, causing frustration.

PAWLIK successfully utilizing Pult hybrid workplace management software for enhanced office efficiency and seamless team coordination
""We Feel We Made the Right Decision with PULT."
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Josefine von der Ohe

Head of Office Management

Why PAWLIK Group chose Pult

4 reasons why PAWLIK Group decided to go with Pult for reinforcing their Hybrid Work policies and facing its challenges.

”The MS TEAMS integration was essential, as was the integration towards Personio.”

”PULT's innovative capabilities and customer-centric approach impressed us”.

”The implementation process was fast and smooth.”

”The "mood survey" feature offered insights that were valuable to our HR department.”

The Results

Discover how PULT helped PAWLIK Group reach their goals

Employee Using Pult for Flex Desk Booking

Improved Office
Space Management

“By implementing PULT, we were able to streamline our office space management process and improve the overall office utilization rate. PULT's MS Teams integration and seamless integration with Personio enabled our employees to easily book workstations and meeting rooms, eliminating the need for manual booking processes and reducing the chances of overbooking. “

Employee Satisfaction

“It also resulted in increased employee satisfaction levels at PAWLIK Consulting. The hybrid work environment capabilities allowed our employees to easily switch between working from home and the office, providing them with the flexibility they need. It also made it easier for consultants to find a suitable workstation or meeting room, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.”

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PAWLIK Group Success Story